Performance Strategist Test

Welcome to the beta version of the Performance Strategist Assessment Instrument.

All too often, we find ourselves feeling less than fulfilled about where we spend our time each day – even if we are deemed to be very successful. We also experience times where we are interacting with others and while they may be “really nice and great”, we sense that there can be significant differences in how we perceive and respond to the world around us.

This is especially important in the business world where we not only invest a significant portion of our lives, but where the stakes can be quite high.  Understanding your natural strengths and abilities is crucial in terms of what business roles you take on for yourself, how you view the tasks for which you are responsible, and how to select the right team members to contribute to your mission.

Team member selection, communication, training, supporting, and growing are more important now than ever before.  In my work with public agencies on the state level and leading divisions for many Fortune 100 firms, I’ve learned that people never leave for “better opportunities” –  they leave for levels of dissatisfaction.  Our role as leaders is to not only minimize elements that may dissatisfy our teams, but to help discover their natural “zone, flow, groove, etc.”. Many people may have been conditioned over decades to think that they are “a certain way” in the work place – what could be called their “identity”. But their natural strengths and abilities (a.k.a what they truly love) may be vastly different from how they’ve been conditioned.

The worst scenario you (or a member of your team) could find yourself in is where you are heavily rewarded… for doing tasks that you don’t enjoy, hate, or that just simply don’t light you up.

You deserve to wake up in the morning, LOVE WHAT YOU DO, do it passionately, and – you even get paid for it.  The outcome is to align your and your team’s (or future team’s) natural strengths with the outcomes that need to be completed.

You also want to know your own strengths and “opportunities to grow” (what some would call weaknesses) so that you can develop strategies to support you in areas of “non-strengths” and/or how to find and communicate with others whose natural strengths are in your areas of challenge.

Again, the purpose of this survey is to help understand your natural strengths and abilities – what some would call your “wheel house”.

This survey will take approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Answer quickly (so you don’t give yourself too much time to  “think” about it) and go with your first natural “gut” instinct.

We will see you on the other side!